Ways To Get Help

The first step in getting help is to make sure you have read the documentation and FAQ that came with phpPgAdmin. It is quite likely your question is answered there, so why waste time waiting for a response from someone, check the docs!

Should you not find an answer though, there are other ways to get help.

Message Forums

We recomend posting to the public help forums as your first step in getting help. You will have a better chance of getting help quicker since more eyeballs follow the message forums. Plus this way your question will be archived in an easy to search place (hint hint).

  • Help - For General Support/Problems
  • Open Discussion - For all types of issues and general discussion

phpPgAdmin Mailing Lists

We also have some mailing lists that might be of interest to people.

PostgreSQL Mailing Lists

If your question is PostgreSQL related, rather than being specifically related to phpPgAdmin, then you need to ask your question on one of the PostgreSQL mailing lists.

PostgreSQL Online Documentation

IRC Channel

There is an IRC channel devoted to PostgreSQL on irc.freenode.org - the name of the channel is #phppgadmin, the phpPgAdmin developers can be found there.

Moreover, you'll find a lot of experienced PostgreSQL users on #postgresql as well.

Contact the phpPgAdmin development team

You may use this form to contact the phpPgAdmin development team regarding questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything you would like to share with us. We will try to reply as soon as possible.

If you can't read the letters on the image, download this .wav file to get them read to you.
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