This website is a wiki !!

If you want to contribute to phpPgAdmin, this place might be a good start.

Do you have a documentation about how to install and configure phpPgAdmin with your favorite HTTP server ? Tips ? Updating the FAQ ? Please, send an email to the development team so get your wiki account today !

Currently, we have 3 sections here:

Don't forget that all distributions of phpPgAdmin contain the following documentation as well:

  • CREDITS: All those who have helped the project
  • DEVELOPERS: Instructions on becoming a developer and submitting patches
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
  • HISTORY: List of features and fixes for past releases
  • INSTALL: Installation instructions
  • LICENSE: The GNU Public License
  • TODO: Upcoming features
  • TRANSLATORS: Instructions for translating to a new language

Thank you for your next contribution !

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