User Contributed Plugins

This page contains links to plugins that may be useful but are not part of phpPgAdmin.

CRUD Generator (aka CrudGen)

phpPgAdmin Version: 5.1+

License: GPL v2+ (as with the rest of phpPgAdmin)

Official website: Crudgen's Github website

CrudGen is a plugin for phpPgAdmin to generate CRUD (Create, Report, Update and Delete) pages from tables in the database.


  • Generates Create, Report (with delete options) and Update pages for tables with a single primary key.
  • Generated code is easy to understand, well formated, uses web standards and open technologies.
  • Generated pages supports authentication using Database's users or information stored in a table.
  • It is integrated to phpPgAdmin, so you'll have a powerful database administration tool with this app.


You can see how this plugin works before installing it by watching Crudgen 0.1: A CRUD generator plugin for Postgres with phppgadmin on Youtube.


  1. You must have phpPgAdmin installed and configurated to work with your servers.
  2. Download CRUDGen, extract the content of the folder CrudGen-master to plugins/CrudGen.
  3. Activate the plugin activation by opening conf/ and add the CrudGen value in the $conf['plugins'] like this:
    $conf['plugins'] = array('CrudGen');
  4. Then, you'll need to set up the CrudGen database, you can run the script located at plugin's sql subdirectory (you'll find more information inside this script) by executing this sql command:
    psql template1 < crudgen-pgsql.sql
  1. Finally, you must add the role crudgen_admin to the database user that will use CrudGen.
    GRANT crudgen_admin TO your_db_user;
  2. Done! If you go to a schema, you'll see a CrudGen icon at the left menu or at the top tabs.

Uselessplugin (aka PingPlugin)

phpPgAdmin Version: 5.1+

License: GPL v2+ (as with the rest of phpPgAdmin)

The PingPlugin runs javascript that makes useless HTTP requests of the server.

Install by:

  • Clicking on the link above to download.
  • Extracting the tar archive in the phpPgAdmin “plugins” directory.
  • Updating the phpPgAdmin config file by adding “PingPlugin” to the “plugins” array.
  • Changing the “plugins/PingPlugin/conf/” as desired.
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