In late 2002. Christopher Kings-Lynne led the phpPgAdmin project in creating version three of phpPgAdmin. This version was a complete rewrite necessary to support some of the more advanced features of PostgreSQL 7.3, namely schemas. In rewriting the application, the team used many of the ideas it had learned working on the first generation of phpPgAdmin.

That work was based on Tobias Ratschiller's phpMyAdmin for MySQL. Major portions had been ported to work with PostgreSQL and with that came much new code, however the concepts and ideas all (except User Administration and PostgreSQL specific functionality) came from phpMyAdmin.

Dan Wilson used phpMyAdmin for several months at one of his previous employers. After leaving the company, he began to use PostgreSQL instead of MySQL and completely missed the amazing features and funcitonality available in phpMyAdmin. So what better to do than port it.

phpMyAdmin in turn was based on Peter Kuppelwieser's MySQL-Webadmin. It was his idea to create a web-based interface to MySQL using PHP3. Although Tobias did not use any of his source-code, there were some concepts borrowed from him. phpMyAdmin was created because Peter told Tobias he wasn't going to further develop his (great) tool.


  • Tobias Ratschiller tobias@dnet.it for phpMyAdmin which was a marvelously written program.
  • Rob Casson rob@styro.lib.muohio.edu who originally ported phpMyAdmin. Although we didn't use any of his code, he inspired me to work on a complete port of all the functionality.
  • Marcellus Barrus mbarrus@acucore.com for some bug fixes and lots of debugging
  • Brian Budnick brian@utrave.org for comments/suggestions and debugging
  • Dan Wilson, founder of the phpPgAdmin project.

And thanks to everyone else who sent email with suggestions, bug-reports, and/or just some feedback.

– The phpPgAdmin Project

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